1.Conducting Trademark Searches prior to filing
We provide reliable legal advice on the registrablity on the mark before client actually file any applications, to avoid or reduce the risk of any potential rejection raised by China Trademark Office, and potential trademark infringement claimed by the registrant of any prior trademark registrations.
The trademark search result may be provided on an urgent basis of one working day, or on regular basis of three working days.


2.Filing and Prosecuting Trademark Applications
We file thousands of trademark applications in China and internationally every year. As an Intellectual Property firm in China, we have better knowledge and experience on how to best prosecute trademark applications at the China Trademark Office. We provide opinions on the scope of coverage of applications taking into account legal and commercial factors.


3.Handling Trademark Opposition, Appeals on refusal & Dispute
We are experienced in handling oppositions, appeals and dispute cases before China Trademark Office and the Trademark Appeal Board. Great efforts are made to collect all the useful supporting documents and indepth analysis of each case is a must before the case is actually filed. As an usual practice, we pay special attentions to make sure that no detail of a case is left unconsidered before any document is submitted to the authorities.


4.Filing appeal against the decision made by Trademark Appeal  Board with the Court
Our attorney’s particular experiences in appealing the administrative decisions made by the Trademark Appeal Board before the court come from various cases which we have handled in the past.


5. Other Trademark-related Matters
Apart from the matters mentioned above, our practices cover all aspects of trademark matters.